To make sure we’re all on the same page, please take time to read the terms and condition carefully.
Mateusz Lesniewski T/A Box35 will hereafter be referred to as Box35
Client: The business, organisation or person who engages Box35 to carry out the work of the project, production or video for them.
Product / Video / Goods: the end product or video which is ordered and used by the client.
Key Personnel: any persons who will provide services for the production of the Video, including presenters or actors appearing in or providing voice-over contributions to the Video, the director, individual producer, lead photographer, camera operator or editor.
1 – Fees
1.1 Fee Estimate
The fee quotes are based on an estimate of the amount of time and work required to complete each project. I will endeavour to complete the work within the estimated fee. In the case that the work is likely to involve more time/cost than the original estimate, or the scope of the work changes, we will agree any additional fee in advance of undertaking the work.
Each estimate includes pre-production services which are often carried out before a final quote is given. Should the client decline the quote and not wish to take the project further, they agree to compensate Box35 for all work carried out and any expenses incurred to date.
1.2 External Costs
External costs include, couriers, taxis, travel, subsistence, accommodation and image/footage/music licensing fees (unless these are itemised in the estimate). All external costs will be charged to the client. Any major costs not included in the quote (in excess of £100) will be quoted and agreed with the client in advance.
1.3 Payment Terms
Depending on the project, fees will be invoiced in one of two ways set out below:
50%  Non refundable deposit on sign-off of budget. Must be paid before project commencement.
50%  On completion of the first draft of deliverables.​​​​​​​
100% On completion of the first draft of deliverables.
The above will be agreed between Box35 and the Client before undertaking the work.
The payment terms are strictly 28 calendar days from date of invoice. Following this, Box35 reserve the right to add an accumulative weekly penalty fee of 1.5%. The Client shall be responsible for all collection or legal fees necessitated by late or default in payment. Box35 reserves the right to withhold delivery of material and intellectual property rights until full payment of all fees.
1.4 Cancellations
The below cancelation fees apply only to projects which are to be paid on completion of the first draft of deliverables as per 1.3 b.
Dates for production are agreed in advance and confirmed by the Client. In the event of cancellation, in whole or part, by the Client, Box35 reserves the right to make the following cancellation charges:
a. Within 48 hours of shoot date – 50% of daily rate of each key personnel
b. Within 24 hours of shoot date – 100% of daily rate of each key personnel ​​​​​​​
2 – Content & Intellectual Property Rights
2.1 File Storage
Unless stated otherwise, all files are stored by Box35 for one year following the project sign-off. Box35 accepts no responsibility for any issues arising from the deletion of these files after this date.
2.2 Copyright (material created by Box35)
The Copyright of all material that has been captured by Box35 is solely owned by Box35 and protected under UK Law. Upon project completion and full payment of all fees, Box35 will transfer partial copyright ownership of the final product to the Client. All original media files remain the intellectual property of Box35.
Box35 reserves the right to use all content, either in part or in its entirety, for promotional purposes.
2.3 Copyright (material provided by The Client)
In the event of any material being provided by the Client for use in a Box35 production, copyright must first be obtained from the original copyright owner or material provider. The Client agrees to indemnify Box35 against any future possible claims, disputes, expenses or similar events that may arise from a third party concerning usage of such material.
Box35 reserves the right to use all content, either in part or in its entirety, for promotional purposes.
2.4 Intellectual Property
Upon project completion and full payment of all fees and expenses, Box35 will transfer partial copyright ownership of the final product. Henceforth Box35 and the Client will both have shared ownership of the final product. The Client is prohibited from modifying or displaying the final product in any other form than agreed upon at project commencement.
3 – Conclusion
All Terms and Conditions stated above are deemed acceptable to the Client upon project commencement.