Brand Promotion

We start with a 15-20 second intro before we hear the track
Establishing shots of a church
People coming in, saying hi to each other
Sitting down in the pews and getting ready for service
KD walks out - he's the priest
His crew are in the background, they're the altar boys
He opens the bible and starts rapping the song
We show closeups of people listening to KD
Putting money in a pot
The congregation stand up and start singing along with small hymn books
As the energy builds up, the altar boys start singing too
Cutaway scene in a confessional with KD
Girls in the church give KD flirty looks throughout the video and when taking holy communion
Holy communion makes everyone go crazy
There are drug deals going on throughout the video. Weed in the money pot, exchanging cash on the way to holy communion
Other themes to explore
Holy water
Incense burner making smoke
Kneeling down prayers
Cutaways or rapping in another room
Potential endings
Everyone going mad at the altar
KD driving away in a Bentley
KD taking a girl into confessional and closing the door
Service ends and KD walks off the altar